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Patients Know Best (PKB)

What is Patients Know Best?

Patients Know Best (PKB) is an online platform where people can keep all their healthcare information in one place. It’s available to people in the London boroughs of City and Hackney to support with managing their mental health.

Through PKB, people can access information about their mental health plans and support. They can choose to invite people involved in their care to see this information. People can access PKB on a laptop, phone or tablet.


Why should someone consider signing up to PKB?

Through PKB, people can:

  • see up-to-date information about their mental health goals
  • message people involved in their mental health support
  • see reports, letters and case notes in one place so they don’t have to repeat their story to professionals
  • keep track of health appointments using the calendar
  • track mental health recovery progress


How to get PKB

If someone is applying for a Personal Health Budget (PHB), their clinician can tick the box on the referral form asking for an account to be set up. If someone already has a PHB, they or their clinician can ask the PHB team to set up a PKB account on or 020 3869 9728. The person will be able to track their PHB via their PKB account.

If someone does not have a PHB they should speak to their clinician or staff member at the East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) or their GP practice. Their mental health team can support them to set up a PKB account.

If someone would like to know more about signing up to PKB, you can share this leaflet.

Who is using PKB?

Before using PKB, Jackie carried a paper copy of her mental health care plan in her bag so she could share it with health professionals when she needed to, sometimes in crisis situations. Since being signed up to the platform, Jackie does not only have access to up-to-date plans and information to share with professionals, she is using the platform to manage her mental health in other ways too. She messages her therapist, keeps a healthy eating log, has information about her Personal Health Budget and accesses therapy resources from her team through the library. “The platform is fantastic, clear and easy to use.. it has given me the ability to be self caring but I feel I am not alone (as I have) the back up of professionals.”

Tai could not afford a smart-phone but received one through a ‘stay connected’ Personal Health Budget. This gave him access to Patients Know Best. Tai is able to access information about him and his mental health recovery goals at any time. One of Tai’s goals is to become fit and gain confidence. Tai has been using the platform to track his progress, he has linked his Fitbit to Patients Know Best so he can see changes to his fitness. “I am the fittest I have been and exercise more during the week than I have ever done! My confidence has grown. I feel it has enabled me to have a voice and be listened to.”


Frequently asked questions

‘I don’t have a smart-phone or another digital device.’

If someone doesn’t have a digital device, they should talk to their mental health team. They can be referred for a ‘stay connected’ Personal Health Budget which will get them quick access to a digital device and internet.

‘I am concerned about how information about me is stored.’
The Patients Know Best team do not have access to people’s health information. When the account has been set up, the person can decide which professionals have access to their PKB information. Learn more about how personal data on PKB is used

‘I am not confident about technology.’
A person’s mental health team or Personal Health Budgets team can signpost to places that help people gain confidence using technology.

‘I do not want to use PKB but would like to access up to date information about my mental health care and support.’
Patients should receive up-to-date information about the care and support they’re getting for their mental health. They can ask their mental health team for a printed copy of their care and support plan, and/or ask for a meeting with someone from their mental health team to review their mental health goals.